Society Scouting Report: Devin Booker


Height: 6-6

Weight: 206

Year: Freshman

Position: Shooting Guard

NBA Combine Measurements:

devin booker measurements

NBA Combine Athleticism Results:

devin booker times

2014-2015 NCAA Statistics:

10.0 PPG 2.0 RPG 1.1 APG 47.0 FG% 41.1 3PT% 82.8 FT%

Draft Projection: Late Lottery (10-14)

NBA Player Comparison: Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Devin Booker is the best long range shooter in the draft. Now that is a little unfair to Mario Hezonja, but we have seen a larger sample size from Booker. Playing for Calipari this past year has helped Booker’s game tremendously. His offensive game is brilliant and he is always smart with the ball. Early on at Kentucky he kept looking for the ball to be a play-maker, but as time went on he found out that everything was easier for him when he let the game come to him.

If you can shoot the basketball consistently in the way the NBA is today, you will find a home with an NBA team. There is no doubt about that. Many of the teams in the lottery are looking for a scoring two-guard. The Hornets and Jazz desperately need scoring from that position and would love a player like Booker. The Heat are also in the running with a need for a younger and more athletic wing to back up Wade and one day replace him. Either way, Booker should have no worries come draft day. Teams will worry about his lack of awareness on defense which he had a tendency of doing at Kentucky, but that can be fixed and will be worked on.

Mike Dunleavy Jr. is another exceptional shooter, just like Booker. Dunleavy has the capability to knock them down at a consistent rate and is very reliable. With the Bulls, he has been a very fine role player. He will shoot when he needs to, rarely puts up gaudy numbers, but can score over 20 if need be. That’s what Devin Booker can do for an NBA team. Now the comparison I am making now is not the hope for Booker, I’m sure. If Devin Booker wants to be a Klay Thompson type contributer, he needs to be able to come off screens and be a better catch and shoot player. For now it seems as though Devin will be a solid starter or one of the first men off the bench for an NBA team, but who knows what he can become if he works at his craft.


Future Professional Potential: Solid Starter


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