Society Scouting Report: Myles Turner


Height: 6-11

Weight: 239

Year: Freshman

Position: Center

NBA Combine Measurements:

myles turner measurements

Draft Projection: Late Lottery (10-14)

2014-2015 NCAA Statistics:

10.1 PPG 6.5 RPG 2.6 BLK 45.5 FG% 27.4 3PT% 83.9 FT%

NBA Player Comparison: Andrea Bargnani

Myles Turner is a prospect with a lot of promise. He has a beautiful jump shot for a man of his size. His 3 point percentage was disappointing for the kind of stroke he showed us from long range. Turner has the potential to average around 35% from there and if he can do that at his size, that would be something special.

Turner’s FT% was absolutely incredible this past season. A 6-11 center shooting right around 85% from the line on the year is unfathomable. Turner’s defensive post-game needs some work. In the pros, he will have a lot of trouble dealing with the quicker centers. Myles has the strength to defend and the rim protection ability, but his quickness and stamina is worrying. Turner’s weight is fine as it is but he must get better endurance or he won’t be needed in any rotation in the NBA.

Andrea Bargnani and Myles Turner share a similar offensive post-game. They both don’t have the strength or quickness to get passed their defender but can shoot over the top of them. They have a good shot but lack the physicality to defend in the low post. Bargnani doesn’t have the size that Turner has, so Myles Turner can improve his weaknesses but it just matters if he is willing to put in the work. If those weaknesses can slowly deteriorate and he improves his endurance, then Turner can become a very solid NBA player.


Future Professional Potential: Solid Starter


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