Society Scouting Report: Cameron Payne


cameron payne

Height: 6’1

Weight: 183

Year: Sophomore

Position: Point Guard

NBA Combine Measurements:

Cameron Payne measurements

NBA Combine Athleticism Results:

cameron payne athleticism results

2014-2015 NCAA Statistics:

20.2 PTS 3.7 REB 6.0 AST 1.9 STL 45.6 FG% 37.7 3PT% 78.7 FT%

Draft Projection: Mid First Round

NBA Player Comparison: Mike Conley

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Here we have the first non international player who is not from a major conference. Always the toughest players to analyze. What’s good for Cameron Payne is that major improvements were shown this past year because he was labeled as inefficient and two chaotic in his freshman year. The greatest stat increase being his 0.7 drop in turnovers per game from 3.2 to 2.5. Payne has truly blossomed into a solid point guard and will go into this draft as one of the more underrated players.

Cameron Payne is one of my favorite players coming out of this draft in terms of talent. Yes, the stats are extremely inflated because of the mediocre Ohio Valley Conference that Murray State is apart of, but the stats that he accumulated is not what I am interested in. The way he drives the ball and runs a pick and roll is pro like already. He will use his body countless times to shield the opposing player on a pick and roll to find the open big man cutting to the basket. Textbook. Payne’s touch around the rim is extraordinary as well. That lefty floater is one of the best I have seen from a college player in a while. Like many other college players, the destination is the key for Payne on draft day. The problem for him is that between picks 11 and 17, where he is supposed to land, there is no need for a point guard. I believe a team, like Dallas possibly, will trade up to snag Payne in the lottery around 13th. Oklahoma City has supposedly made a draft promise to Payne if he falls to them at 14, so suspect many teams to try to jump in front of them.

Cameron Payne shares a similar resemblance to Mike Conley. Both lefties have a great outside shot, solid defense, and a beautiful touch around the rim. Now will Payne have the defensive presence and the leadership that Conley has when he first comes into the league? Absolutely not. But if Payne patiently waits on the bench and learns behind the veterans and stars on his team, he will be starting and producing on an NBA team in no time.


Future Professional Potential: All-Star


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