Society Pick 'Em – January 15th NBA Game Picks


global games

A very quiet Thursday in the NBA to where only three games will be played. For the first time this season the NBA will be introducing the NBA global games. The New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks will play in London, England. Kevin Durant and Russell will play against old friend James Harden in Houston. To conclude the evening, two future Hall of Famers in LeBron James and Kobe Bryant will take the court at the Staples Center. Our writers are:

Alec Walt (@AlecWalt)

Alfonso DeFalco (@FonzyDeFalco)

Stephen Freyman (@fryperson)

Alex Fischbein (@ThatKidFisch)

Martin Soaries (@marley_mcfly)

Ryan Cowan (@Rcc1992)

BJ Boyer (@wcboyer24)

Ryan Kirk (@rlk716)

Charlie Mack (@CharlieMack29)

DJ Allen (@DJAllen23)

Aram Cannuscio (@ACannus)

Kyle Allan (@kallan44)

Lets see who we think is going to win:

New York Knicks @ Milwaukee Bucks

bucks knicks

Walt: Bucks

DeFalco: Knicks

Freyman: Bucks

Fischbein: Bucks

Soaries: Bucks

Cowan: Bucks

Boyer: Bucks

Kirk: Bucks

Mack: Bucks

Allen: Bucks

Cannuscio: Bucks

Allan: Bucks

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets

rockets thunder

Walt: Thunder

DeFalco: Thunder

Freyman: Rockets

Fischbein: Thunder

Soaries: Thunder

Cowan: Thunder

Boyer: Thunder

Kirk: Thunder

Mack: Thunder

Allen: Rockets

Cannuscio: Thunder

Allan: Rockets

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Los Angeles Lakers

lakers cavs

Walt: Cavaliers

DeFalco: Lakers

Freyman: Cavaliers

Fischbein: Cavaliers

Soaries: Cavaliers

Cowan: Lakers

Boyer: Cavaliers

Kirk: Lakers

Mack: Cavaliers

Allen: Lakers

Cannuscio: Cavaliers

Allan: Cavaliers


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