Fisch’s Friday Rant: Serge Ibaka, Replacement Melo, and Oakley

Serge Ibaka, Orlando Magic, Toronto Raptors

Happy Friday to all my fellow hoops heads, hoopers, and casual basketball fans all around the world! New week, new All-Star Weekend approaching, and a new video set up is all on the docket for the latest Fisch’s Friday Rant. We have some talk about the Serge Ibaka trade to Toronto, Carmelo Anthony as an All-Star Game replacement, and the Charles Oakley fall out.

First things first, if you haven’t heard about it already, Serge Ibaka was traded from the Orlando Magic to the Toronto Raptors for a first-round pick and Terrence Ross. Toronto has been looking for an impactful big for a while now, and this could finally be their answer. With the Cavs going through some health issues, the Raptors have a chance at knocking them down a peg. This could also mean a better defender on Kevin Love come playoff time.

Speaking of Kevin Love, with his injury, an All-Star Game replacement was announced. That replacement, much to the dismay of a lot of fans, is none other than Carmelo Anthony. Melo was probably the fourth or fifth person on my list of players that should replace Love, but I’ll just sip my tea over here.

Finally, the whole Charles Oakley and James Dolan feud is still heating up. Dolan reportedly lifted the ban from Madison Square Garden, but Oakley is still upset, and he has a right to be.


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