Sagaba Konate Scouting Report

Sagaba Konate

Name: Sagaba Konate

School: West Virginia University

Year: Sophmore

Height/Weight: 6’8, 250 lbs



Sagaba Konate is a strong body down low. He is someone who can help anchor a defense with an above average shot blocking presence.

He seems to move well off the ball in the post area to allow himself for easy shots around the rim. We also saw a good display of touch around the rim to make himself an offensive threat on the block. We noticed that he runs the floor fairly well which is important for a young prospect who is still evolving. He will only be a sophomore this season allowing him time to expand on his game.


The biggest aspect that stuck out for us is that he is undersized. 6’8″ may be big enough to play a big in college, but not so much in the NBA. He doesn’t show much ability to stretch the floor with his jump shot as well. We don’t think his athleticism is superior enough to allow him to play undersized at the power forward spot in the NBA. We also need a larger sample size as he only averaged just about 11 minutes per game last year. His role wasn’t a large one coming off the bench last season for West Virginia.

Future Outlook:

We believe that Konate has a chance to slip into the late second round of the draft when it comes that time for him. For that to happen we believe he has to stretch his range to a minimum of 15-18 feet. He needs some type of weapon to make up for being undersized paired with his average athleticism. This will be the biggest question if he can become more comfortable on the perimeter offensively and defensively. With Konate being only 6’8″, he will be expected to have the ability to switch onto the smaller guards in pick and rolls. We want to see if he can move his feet quickly enough on the perimeter to do so. If he begins to show us some of these qualities next season, there’s a possibility he can slip into the Draft, but as of right now, he’s on the outside looking in.

Potential Draft Position:

Undrafted in 2018 NBA Draft


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