Naz Reid Scouting Report

Naz Reid
Tim Lang

School: LSU

Year: Freshman

Height/Weight: 6’9.5, 256 lbs.

College Stats:

13.6 PTS, 7.2 REB, 0.9 AST, 0.7 STL, 0.7 BLK

46.8 FG% (10.7 FGA), 33.3 3PT% (2.5 3PA), 72.7 FT% (3.8 FTA)



An old school player with an aggressive style of play, light on his feet and crafty, Reid is an efficient scorer and has shown his shooting touch can make him into an effective player on the perimeter. A capable three point shot maker, Reid obtains a polished post-game and continues to show his potential as a stretch big at the next level.

One of the most intriguing parts of his game is his ball handling. Given how big he is, it’s refreshing to see him capable of putting the ball down skillfully when he attacks the basket.

That strength is what gives him the space he needs. While can score off the dribble, another underrated skill in  ‘Hollywood Naz’ game is his efficient passing.

Becoming an improved ball-handler, he has become a lot more crafty as he continues to progress as a player this season. Naz is a little bigger than Julius Randle and a little slower, but maintains enough athleticism to be successful at the next level. He’s definitely got the frame to play in the NBA successfully.

A similar skill set and personality to DeMarcus Cousins, Reid is a fun player to watch and is arguably the most talented big man in the draft. His frame gives him the opportunity to become a dominant and sneaky offensive rebounder with elite timing and innate abilities. His motor and his personality is contagious!



His personality can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes his emotions can get the best of him and can slow down his game. His lack of lateral quickness and his average to below average quickness sometimes can be a disadvantage for him, especially at the next level. He can sometimes play out of control when he is not able to dribble around or overpower his opponent and try to make something out of nothing and turning over the ball.

Not an elite shot blocker, Reid also struggles to draw fouls at times and not get to the free throw line as often as he should. Reid can play on a selfish level at times offensively, with his biggest flaw being his lack of an attempt to involve his teammates more throughout the game. His shot selection has been questionable in the past often.


Future Outlook:

Naz Reid has the potential to become an elite scoring option on an NBA team and if he develops his play-making ability he can take his game to the next level. Reid has to be drafted to a team that has patience and gives him the availability to progress and also feel comfortable enough to put his guard down and develop relationships with the staff.

Reid without a doubt is a first round talent, his attitude and his ability to become a better defender will determine how far he can progress inside of a franchise in the NBA.


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