Report: Melo Could Miss Rest Of Road Trip

Carmelo Anthony

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Carmelo Anthony may miss the rest of the Knicks’ road trip.


Carmelo Anthony was unable to practice on Tuesday. Back spasms have been limiting Anthony and at times have rendered him speechless. J.R. Smith wanted to give him some advice, but at times Anthony looked like he could barely sit in the locker room. Smith had this to say:

“To be able to fight through something like that is extremely hard to do,’’ said Smith, who battled back spasms for two weeks in the preseason. “When your back is messed up, it controls everything. You can’t run, can barely walk. In his case [Monday] night, he could barely talk. So we got to figure out a way to do it without him. He said very few words. You could tell the pain he was in.’’

Carmelo Anthony is not expected to play Wednesday against the Mavericks, nor is he expected to play Friday in Oklahoma City. Back spasms are known to linger for a while, and the Knicks are hoping that’s not the case. For a team that’s already struggling to muster up some wins, this would be a huge blow to their morale.




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