Report: Cavs Interested In Tayshaun Prince


According to Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers could be interested in Tayshaun Prince. 


One person discussing the possibility of this trade was Brian Windhorst on ESPN Cleveland:

There’s a slight problem when it comes to trading for Prince. The only player, due to trade restrictions, that the Cavs could trade straight up for Prince is Tristan Thompson. The Grizzlies would do that trade without a doubt because it’s an obviously lopsided trade in the favor of Memphis.

Prince fell out of the Grizzlies rotation which makes him an expendable asset. It’s also obvious that Prince has lost a step at 34 years-old, but he does have the kind of experience a championship team could use. Cleveland should be careful trying to surround LeBron in just experience vets, because that’s also what led to the downfall of the Miami Heat when they built around their big three. The Cavs have a good amount of experience as it is, but what they really need is some youth who can play more minutes to give the big three a break.




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