Recruiting Advice for Unsigned High School Basketball Seniors


With the majority of high school basketball schedules resuming for the second half of the season, many talented seniors are still undecided on where they will play basketball next season, if granted the opportunity at the collegiate level. The process can be stressful & somewhat overwhelming however, that doesn’t mean that it’s the END.

Many D1 coaches around this time typically have completed their commitments/signings for high school basketball seniors. That doesn’t necessarily mean that an unsigned talented senior is not D1 material. However, it does mean that the individual athlete he/she has some work to put in, if becoming a student-athlete is a career goal for the future. The process has its pros & cons, the pros is that if you’re focus, determined and willing to put in the work? The results will eventually come. The cons could be if you’re lazy and waiting for a coach to call or show up at your doorstep? Then you may need to re-evaluate your plans. Here’s five listed advice tips!

  1. Recruit Questionnaires– Remember your name is everything; you are the “Brand” do what it takes to get what’s best for your business/You. Of course do your homework on the institution first & then send as many online questionnaires to schools you could see yourself attending both athletically and academically.
  2. Phones– Utilize your cell phone, you will be surprise what one phone call to the right person could do for your career. Call the Head Coach, Assistants Coaches, Director of Basketball operations, Secretaries etc. Remember all that can say to you is YES or NO. Also it’s not what you know, but who you know & who knows you.
  3. Travel– Make sure to keep up on the schools your interested in team schedules. Travel to games, events etc. Email the coaches in advance or someone connected to the sports personnel to see if they have a minute to meet with you.
  4. Film– Have a relative, friend, manager or someone you trust record all of your games home & away.
  5. YOU– The athlete has to put in the work! You have to be locked in; if you play a top school in your conference it’s important for you to give it your all that game. If you struggle with turnovers for example, it’s important to work at fixing it. You have to make the coaches believe that you are capable of playing at the next level. Only YOU can sign that contract for a scholarship, so it’s very important that YOU put in the work that’s needed to make this goal a reality. Also if D1 schools are not on the radar for recruiting, look into D2, NAIA and even JUCO. Every level of college basketball is good and helps develop your overall game in the long run. Walk-ons are always a possibility as well to keep in mind. Hard work & Determination will get you there however, you have to be committed towards putting in the work. Good Luck Seniors!


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