Fisch’s Friday Rant: Rajon Rondo, Fines, and Celebrations

Rajon Rondo, 2017 NBA Playoffs

Last week on Fisch’s Friday Rant, I gave some of my thoughts and predictions about what would happen in the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Well, this week, it’s time to talk about some of the things that happened so far in the first round. We have injuries like Rajon Rondo’s and Rudy Gobert’s to talk about, as well as some dumb calls and great press conferences.

Of course, everyone has heard or seen the David Fizdale press conference by now. He gave us two great lines in “take that for data” and “they not gon’ rook us.” Which line was better though, and would you want to play for a guy like Fizdale who goes to bat for his team? I know I would, and I give my thoughts on which line was better too.

Russell Westbrook got a fine himself for cursing during his press conference. He was asked about his stat line after a Game Two loss to the Houston Rockets. This fine is dumb for many reasons, which I get into during the rant. However, I think there should be a rule that if a dumb question is asked, the player or coach should be able to answer however they want.

Last but not least, I go over two major injuries in Rajon Rondo and Rudy Gobert.  In a perfect world, injuries wouldn’t be a thing, but unfortunately, we have to see them happen.


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