Pusha T says 90s Knicks ‘were so culturally relevant’

Pusha T checks in with Scoop B Radio. Photo Credit: Adidas

So you may have heard of some guy named Pusha T in the last 24 hours.


He’s also a Knicks fan.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, the Daytona lyricist says he’s a fan of the 90s Knicks; composed of John Starks, Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing. “Definitely the Knicks, of course,” Pusha T told me on Scoop B Radio.

“For example, like, the Knicks, if I was messing with the Knicks, it was like there was a Ewing component to it or a Spike Lee component to it.”

Pusha T chats with Scoop B Radio

The synergy of movie director, Spike Lee courtside and the trash talk between retired NBA legend turned TNT analyst, Reggie Miller is nostalgic.

“They were so culturally relevant at the time,” he said.

“They were champions of the team and they were like to me, cool guys! So I was like oh man, this is fresh. Anything they put on was fresh. They were definitely representing the Knicks organization at that time.”


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