Pre-Game Playlist


For me, basketball and music are arguably two of the most important aspects of my life. In popular culture, athletes seek to be apart of the music world as much as musicians cherish the recognition they receive by the athletes themselves. It’s always been a two way street. Turn on any NBA game, and chances are you’ll see some of your favorite pop stars sitting court side at the games. Just look at Drake for example…


With that being said, during my own workouts, I’ve gotta have music playing. Before games in High School & College, music was always blasting loud and heavy in the locker room, or through my Dre Beats. Never Failed. Some of my teammates chose to self-reflect void of any distractions, I did as well briefly, but music always put me in a zone. 


I have different playlists for different moods, and States of Mind. Jay Z is a constant fixture, Nipsey Hussle, Drake, Wale the list goes on. Nipsey Hussle’s latest project: Mailbox Money came has been in heavy rotation for me since it came out in December. Nipsey’s storytelling just always seems to pierce through any mental barriers that my mind unknowingly puts up. 


Current Hoops Playlist:

Nipsey Hussle- Overtime

Wale- Tats on My Arm

Drake- Know Yourself

Drake- Free Spirit

Kanye West- Devil in a New Dress

Jay Z- Public Service Announcement 

Future- Karate Chop

50 Cent- Gunz Come Out

The Diplomats- I Really Mean It

Pusha T- Numbers on The Board

Foe-Hun’ed- Automatik

French Montana- Dontchu

Lets Roll Records- Hatin on Me

Meek Mill- Monster

Meek Mill- Intro (Dreams and Nightmares)


This is my playlist for the time being… A day from now, a week or possibly a month from now these songs may change.

What songs get you in your right state of mind to perform to the best of your abilities?


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