Phil Jackson Says Spike Lee "Doesn't Know Anything About Basketball"


Phil Jackson and Spike Lee

Phil Jackson Says Spike Lee “Doesn’t Know Anything About Basketball”

Phil Jackson talked about everything from his boss James Dolan to his Knicks’ play during the preseason to his LSD use in the 1970’s during a 90-minute interview with New Yorker contributor Ben McGrath at the New Yorker Festival at SVA Theatre in Chelsea.

When Jackson was asked about legendary director and storied Knicks fan Spike Lee, who is filming a documentary on the triangle offense and it’s complexities, here was Phil’s response, via Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

The triangle does come off as some kind of mystical systems theory, but it’s really just basic basketball. Hopefully Spike can include Tex Winter for some aspect of the film. No matter Spike’s actual basketball IQ, I’ll be looking forward to this piece of work from him.


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