Phil Jackson: This may be Kobe Bryant’s last year, as a Laker

Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson

With Kobe Bryant making his return from yet another season-ending injury, there has been much contemplation on whether or not this will be his final season. He hasn’t flat out said that this will be his last season, but there have been many hints, especially with his contract ending after this season. However, his former coach Phil Jackson has proposed a different view on Kobe’s situation.

From the Wall Street Journal’s Chris Herring:


I’m not quite sure what is making Phil feel this way, but it’s definitely a very interesting view. Kobe has stated numerous times that he would never put on another jersey and that he bleeds purple and gold. But, maybe something can change. Reports have surfaced about Kobe possibly finishing his career overseas as well as in a Knicks uniform.

I’m sure Kobe knows that the Lakers are probably going to struggle yet again this season. They have gotten some new pieces with D’Angelo Russell in the draft and Lou Williams and Roy Hibbert in free agency, but that won’t be enough to compete with the juggernaut that is the Western Conference.

The chance to join a playoff-ready team may very well enter Bryant’s head after this season. We all know that he admires the great Michael Jordan. MJ ended his career in another jersey, playing with the Washington Wizards, so Kobe may end up seeing nothing wrong with leaving the Lakers. And if he wants to tie Jordan with a sixth title that badly, who knows, this is something that he may want to consider.


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