Overreaction in Cleveland?

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
We all know what happened in Game 1 of the Indiana Pacers against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the First Round of the East Conference Playoffs. Victor Oladipo went off for 32 points on 11-for-19 shooting in a 98-80 rout of the Cavs.

LeBron James is notorious for being placed under a microscope when it comes to everything that he does. So when he loses his first, first-round game since 2012 you can bet everyone is coming out to say how much trouble he and the Cavs are in and that they aren’t going to Finals. Michael would never lose a first-round game. But when we really think about it, is losing one home game in the first round and saying they are in trouble an overreaction?
I believe it is. James is 40-6 in his career in the first round. He was down 3-1 in the NBA FINALS and he has taken a team of nobodies to the NBA Finals. He is a top two player in NBA History and he will figure this first-round series out and still be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.
It is no secret that this has been a tough season for Cleveland. They have a bunch of new roster moves and guys that haven’t played together for extended periods of time. It is no secret they have a terrible defense and are going to give up points to guys like Oladipo. But when you have “The King” on your team, you never bet against them.
I am not here to explain how he is going to do it but just know that this series will still be over in six or seven games with Cleveland moving on.


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