Scoop B: Before LeBron James goes Zero Dark Thirty-23 for the NBA Playoffs, meet the comedian who impersonates him perfectly

LeBron James

Comedian, Da Kid Gowie dropped by Scoop B Radio & discussed his LeBron James & Stephen A. Smith impersonations with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Press Play Below To Listen! 

The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday. You know what that means! LeBron James implements his hoops version of lent: No social media of any kind.

Better known as: Zero Dark Thirty-23.

The Cavs superstar usually shuts down his social media accounts to focus on the NBA Playoffs. James acknowledges his social media hitatus via IG and Twitter with a photo and a crafty hashtag of sort.

James plans to honor his usual routine. “My focus hasn’t changed,” LeBron James told Bleacher Report earlier this week.

“[The current social media climate] doesn’t matter to me. We all know how this season has been. With our ballclub and all the noise that’s either irrelevant or relevant—whatever the case may be—for me, maintaining my focus hasn’t changed.”

On the eve of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, meet the comedian that will make you feel like James is still on social media.

Baltimore, Maryland native, Da Kid Gowie got social media buzzing last summer when he recreated a shirtless, short -cut James performing Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” while working out at his home gym after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals.

Da Kid Gowie nailed the viral #LeBronJamesChallenge perfectly.

While the video has gotten tons of views on social media, James hasn’t acknowledged it. 


“Well speaking specifically for LeBron, I think I haven’t received a response yet solely based on the fact that his brand is so big,” Da Kid Gowie told me on this week’s episode of Scoop B Radio.

“You can only cosign certain things when you’re that big of a role model you know you got all the kids that watch LeBron you got all the people that admire him.”

Added Da Kid Gowie:

“LeBron’s brand is just too big, he doesn’t want to technically cosign something that may not be suitable for children.”

Da Kid Gowie has gone on to create other James videos, like James’ response to Kyrie Irving’s trade to the Boston Celtics.

While the LBJ videos are endless, the Akron Hammer isn’t the only muse of Gowie’s viral humor.

Veteran journalist, turned ESPN television pundit, Stephen A. Smith is also a huge lightning rod for the sports video humor mashup.

Da Kid Gowie’s 100,000 Instagram followers have indulged in the re-created scenarios of Smith debating on ESPN’s First Take and the jokes are endless.

While actors like Jamie Foxx have Smith’s mannerisms down pat and have been publicly acknowledge by the longtime Philadelpia Inquirer writer for being so accurate, Gowie says Smith, like James has not yet replied to his work. “Stephen A., he has no excuse as to why he hasn’t checked it out,” Da Kid Gowie tells Scoop B Radio.

“I’m pretty sure every time I upload something, people tag Stephen A. in the videos on twitter and everything, so I’m pretty sure he probably came across it and I’m pretty sure every time Stephen A comes across an impersonation it’s usually shoved in his face.”

While you have a whole Friday of zero NBA basketball being played, check out the hilarious videos and of course, prepare to go Zero Dark Thirty-23 starting Saturday!


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