DeMarcus Cousins

Warriors DeMarcus Cousins “doesn’t care” about Stephen A. Smith’s Lakers prediction on ESPN First Take

A few weeks ago, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith boldly predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers would make it to the 2019 NBA Western Conference Finals. “Me personally, I believe they should get to the Conference Finals and lose to Golden State,” Stephen A. Smith said last month on ESPN’s First Take. Los Angeles made a

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LeBron James

Scoop B: Before LeBron James goes Zero Dark Thirty-23 for the NBA Playoffs, meet the comedian who impersonates him perfectly

Comedian, Da Kid Gowie dropped by Scoop B Radio & discussed his LeBron James & Stephen A. Smith impersonations with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Press Play Below To Listen!  The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday. You know what that means! LeBron James implements his hoops version of lent: No social media of any kind. Better known as: Zero

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Stephen A. Smith & LeBron James

LeBron James will always be King

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN First Take took a strong stance on how if LeBron James were to lose to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors again, it would strongly affect the rest of his career. He stated he “would be the past” and that he “won’t be the king” anymore. Check out the

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