Otto Porter: The Stretch Four


As reported by Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post, Otto Porter Jr. looks like he’s going to be yet another stretch-four for the Washington Wizards.

I’m honestly confused as to how this became big news in Washington. Otto Porter Jr. was used more often as a stretch-four when he was a rookie as compared to last season. During last season, Porter only played four spot in 5% of the playing time he received and played the other 95% at the three. However, during his rookie season, he played the four 29% of the time. Now, it seems that Porter is ready to move back to playing some more power forward. 

After the postseason that Porter had compared to the postseason that Nene had, this really should be an easy decision. Nene gave a very poor showing for most of the Wizards’ postseason while Porter was hustling all over the floor and getting some much needed, clutch baskets for the team. 

Otto Porter Jr. has not been the kind of player that the Wizards hoped he would be after selecting him with the third overall pick, but he’s not done growing into his potential. Using him in this stretch-four spot as well as letting him play the small forward will benefit him. He will be able to make some plays around slower power forwards that he may not be able to do around the better small forwards and that will build his confidence as he keeps playing. This past season, Porter averaged only 6 points and 3 rebounds per game, although he still had a 104 offensive rating and was grabbing over 11% of the boards when he was on the floor. 

Porter won’t be that kind of superstar player that people may have been hoping for, but he will definitely be a scrappy, athletic wing that will always bring 110% to the floor when you need him. 


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