One on One W/ Jersey’s Foe-Hun’ed


If you’ve been paying attention to the Rap Scene in New Jersey over the last 5 years, you surely have heard of Piscataway Bred: Foe-Hun’ed. The “Road Runnin” Rapper has steadily increased his standing amongst Jersey’s Rap Elite with each Release. His most recent project, Friend or Foe, has put him on some big stages; Heavyweight New York DJ’s Clue & Envy having hosted his album release party. While Foe-Hun’ed, along with his Lets Roll Records team, has made a name for himself musically, he was once a very promising Athlete. Myself being one of his best-friends, I’ve seen firsthand how talented he was growing up, whether in football, baseball or even basketball. I was recently able to have a sit-down with Foe-Hun’ed to pick his brain on his upbringing as well as his thoughts on some current Basketball events.

Cee: First things first, thank you for taking the time out to do this interview with us bro. I know you’ve been busy on the road promoting your album. Much love and congratulations to you from myself and the rest of my team here at Basketball Society.

Foe: Anytime bro. You already know. Thank you for the support always, and big ups to you guys. The website is dope and the podcasts are well put together as well. I’m a fan.

Cee: Coming out of a sports town Such as Piscataway, NJ, how much influence did your experiences as an athlete growing up, have on your music today?

Foe: Me being the quarterback in football, the leader, helped shape my mentality now. Particularly with making decisions. You’ve gotta be able to think fast as a QB, and in sports in general. Teamwork is another key for sure, playing any team sport forces you to learn how to play your role for the overall success of the team. You can’t do anything by yourself in either the sports or music world. So my days being a quarterback and also as a basketball player have surely helped me tremendously now. 

Cee: Growing up, did you envision yourself with a song on the radio first, or playing some sport on ESPN first?

Foe: Definitely saw myself on ESPN first. I used to ride by Piscataway High School when I was middle school, thinking I’d own that school. Then my focus shifted from football to basketball. I definitely could have had a chance to play football or basketball in college but things changed you know. I always rapped, but coming from a sports town like Piscataway, I saw myself on ESPN no question.

Cee: I know you’re an avid Football fan, 49ers to be exact, but who do you enjoy watching on the hardwood?

Foe: Basketball?? LeBron. I like watching the ELITE athletes. Stephen Curry, you know, the elites. I like watching real competition. I don’t keep up with basketball as much now as I used to, but when LeBron, Steph or CP3 are playing, I’m tuned in.

Cee: Any regrets with how your sporting career ultimately turned out?

Foe:Regrets?? No. I don’t have any regrets. I wish I did things differently, but everything happens for a reason. Like I said earlier, if I wanted it bad enough I could’ve pursued sports. However, the world wouldn’t have Foe-Hun’ed if I did that, so I’m good where I’m at.

Cee: Amongst rappers in Jersey, do you think you’re the best hooper?

Foe:Rappers??? Yeah. Can’t nobody f#*$ with me on the court. Nobody! Trust me. I haven’t picked up a ball in a while but it’s just like riding a bike. I’m 6’3, a lot of these rappers are short anyways. 

Cee: In your song “Road Runnin” there’s a line where you say Chris Paul I’ma lead us to the win… Was there any particular reason for name dropping CP3, especially with how Westbrook and Steph Curry have been playing?

Foe: Yeah, I mean everyone says Steph Curry. I didn’t say Westbrook, he’s dope. But when it comes to the Point Guard position, I think CP3 is the best by definition. He hasn’t led his team to a championship but he leads, PERIOD. Look at his numbers. On top of that I saw ESPN put him in that top 10 PG List already. That just shows you how nice dude is.

Cee: Can you give us an NBA Finals and March Madness Prediction?

Foe: It’s gonna be the same teams, Cleveland and Golden State. That’s the matchup I wanna see at least. I don’t watch too much college basketball, but it’s gonna be one of the big dogs taking it: Duke or Kentucky, maybe Kansas. 

Be sure to check out “Road Runnin” as well as all of Foe’s music on isurollin.comFoe’Hun’ed and the rest of the Lets Roll Records team are positioning themselves to be some major players in not only the New Jersey, but the overall music scene. Stay Tuned!


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