NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons (Part 3)


In another part of our comparison series, we look at some more similarities between a few living legends in the game. Guys like Tim Duncan and Dwyane Wade have solidified great careers and they’re still adding to it. Keep reading to see who we compare them with including two others.

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Andre 3000 and Tim DuncanAndre 3000 x Tim Duncan

Despite how the game has changed over the decades these two have been able to remain consistent and still deliver. Their supreme talent has been there since day one, but the way they’ve been able to continuously win over the years is what has made them such legends. The words that come to mind to describe Andre 3000 and Tim Duncan are cool, calm, and collective.

Lil Wayne and Dwyane WadeLil’ Wayne x Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is a true veteran in the league today. He’s shown how great of a player he really is and has consecutively been at the top of his game. Like Wade, Lil’ Wayne is also a veteran in his field. Wayne has been doing this for what has seemed like ages, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Weezy still remains to release hit after hit and I’m not sure when he will slow down. Over the span of their careers they’ve seen it all, done it all, and have won at the highest level.Untitled

Carmelo Anthony and FabolousFabolous x Carmelo Anthony

When you think New York, two names that come to mind are Carmelo Anthony and Fabolous. They are both die hard NY representers and have nothing but love for city. However, despite their New York love, these guys have a laid back, calm demeanor but when it comes to their craft, they have a persistent approach. Melo is one of the most talented offensive players in the league today and once he gets the ball, there isn’t much you can do to stop him. Fabolous provides music that everybody can vibe to but when you hear his punch lines, it forces you to make that disgusting face. When you look at their careers, even though they’ve been consistently good over the years, they both lack that one ring that would take their resumes to the next level.

Pharrell and Chris PaulPharrell x Chris Paul

The job of a point guard is similar to that of a music producer. The point guard is looked at to set up and assist their teammates to score baskets and win ball games while the producer’s job is to direct and help make the hottest song possible. Chris Paul and Pharrell are two of the best at doing this. The way they lead and set up their companions is unmatched. But what separates them from the rest is their ability to get their own. CP3 can average 10+ assists and still score 25+ points, and while Pharrell is producing tracks for others, he’s lighting up the charts with tracks of his own.

Here’s a vintage clip of Pharrell showing off his talents in the studio.


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