2015-16 NBA Preseason Rankings: No. 8 Miami Heat


When LeBron James left the Heat last year, Miami did everything they could to re-tool the roster and compete for a championship. Last season, they did the best they could. They re-signed Chris Bosh, traded for Goran Dragic halfway trough the season, and found Hassan Whiteside. The Heat put together a team, but did not make the playoffs after four straight years of making the Finals. The reason for this big downfall (other than LeBron)? Injuries. Bosh missed 38 games with a blood clot in his lung, Dwyane Wade missed 20 games, and Whiteside, Josh McRoberts and Luol Deng all missed time.

Looking into this year, Miami added depth to the roster this offseason just in case any injuries re-occur. The Heat signed Gerald Green, Amar’e Stoudemire, and drafted Justise Winslow to bring energy off the bench. For this Miami team, health is the key for the team to have a successful season. If they can stay healthy, Miami can be a real threat in the Eastern Conference.

What should fans look forward to this season?

With all of the guys mentioned above back from their injuries, fans should look forward to a new start. Goran Dragic made a huge impact on the team averaging 16.6 points and 5.3 assists per game. Dragic is one of the best pushing the ball point guards and running a fast pace offense. His game can help out Dwayne Wade to reduce his pressure to score.

Projected starting lineup:

  • PG: Goran Dragic
  • SG: Dwyane Wade
  • SF: Luol Deng
  • PF: Chris Bosh
  • C: Hassan Whiteside

Who can emerge as a star?

This starting lineup can be one of the best in the NBA. The Heat were able to dominate in years past, but have never had a stable point guard. Goran Dragic looks like the answer. Dragic was always considered an underrated point guard because of all the talent in the West, but now being in the East, he will start becoming more of a household name. I won’t be surprised if he even gets an All-Star consideration.

Another name I would throw out there is rookie Justise Winslow. Fresh off of a National Championship and becoming the steal in this past NBA draft, Winslow looks to be the future of the franchise. He will not be asked to play a ton of minutes right now early in his career, but after learning from veterans like Wade and Bosh, he can really become something special.

What will be their final record?


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