10 NBA Jerseys Every NBA Fan Should Own


Everyone has a different preference on what NBA jerseys they like to buy and wear. I, for one, don’t have too many NBA jerseys hanging up in my closet and was thinking of buying a good bundle of them. I have one jersey currently with me at college, Brandon Roy on the Trail Blazers, because of the admiration I had for Roy when I was younger.

That’s the thing. Some people have jerseys of players they admired while there are others who picked out jerseys of the best players. So, while compiling this list, I decided to include some combination of both while also basing it on appearance as well.

Michael Jordan’s #23 Chicago Bulls Jersey


Of course I’m going to start off with an easy one and, most likely, the most owned jersey around the globe. Michael Jordan was the greatest player ever to play the game and Jordan’s Bulls jersey is a must own for all NBA fans.

Kobe Bryant’s #8 Los Angeles Lakers Jersey


Some prefer the #24 jersey of Kobe over the #8 one. I’d rather own the #8 jersey because of the perfection that was Kobe Bryant during his time with that jersey.

Now, while wearing the #24, Kobe has suffered injury after injury while people’s perception of him continue to worsen as he ages.

Kobe is still one of the greatest players we have ever seen and you can never go wrong with that classic Lakers jersey.

Pete Maravich’s #44 ‘Pistol Pete’ Atlanta Hawks Jersey

pete maravich hawks jersey

Pete Maravich was a fantastic basketball player, both in college and in the NBA. If Maravich was not marred by injuries, then he would be one of the most known NBA players of all time.

Still, Maravich’s career in the NBA was solid, especially early on in his career while on the Hawks. This jersey is truly one of the more appealing classic looks with simply the word ‘Pistol’ on the back of his jersey signifying how incredible his style of play was.

Penny Hardaway’s #1 Orlando Magic Jersey


I’m a huge fan of the old Orlando Magic jerseys. This Penny Hardaway jersey is going to be my next purchase. Whether the primary color is light blue, dark blue, or white, any of the jerseys look great with the Orlando Magic pinstripe style.

Penny Hardaway was an electrifying player who was so gifted. If you have never been able to see highlights of Hardaway, please go check him out. Such a great player who was overshadowed by Jordan in his prime and the injuries that caused his career to cut short.

Vince Carter #15 Toronto Raptors Jersey

toronto raptors vince carter jersey

I absolutely love this Vince Carter jersey. You can either go with this one or the classic one with purple in the front and black in the back. It doesn’t really matter.

Vince Carter is one of the best dunkers of all time. I have him at #1 while others would have Jordan or maybe even Wilkins. VC might not have won a championship or might not be considered one of the best players of all time, but man could he fly. That fact coupled with the appearance of the jersey makes it a very appealing buy.

Dominique Wilkins #21 Atlanta Hawks Jersey


The Human Highlight Film was an incredible basketball player and a joy to watch. He could do it all on the court and I truly believe that now that the Hawks have changed their jerseys, you have to cop one.

I’m really disappointed that the Hawks changed their jersey look as I was always a huge fan of the classic ones. To remember the great times and the historic look, I suggest adding this jersey if, like me, you love the old classic jerseys.

Larry Bird #33 Boston Celtics Jersey

If you want to make your jersey collection complete, you have to have a Boston Celtics player in there. Bird’s is a fine choice.

Magic Johnson #32 Los Angeles Lakers Jersey


There is nothing wrong with having two Lakers jerseys in your collection. Magic Johnson was the most creative and gifted passer of all time. Magic was the Jordan of the NBA before we had Michael.

Isiah Thomas #11 Detroit Pistons Jersey


You either hate or love Isiah Thomas. That’s how people viewed him in the ’80s and that’s how people view him now. Nothing has changed.

I have always been a big fan of Isiah Thomas’s game and always love watching clips of ‘The Bad Boys’ and how they dominated the NBA in the late ’80s.

This jersey, while it may not be the most glamorous, was one that should remind you of a key generation of basketball and the only team that truly caused Jordan and the Bulls lots of problems.

Dwyane Wade’s #3 Miami Heat Jersey


The greatest Miami Heat player of all time and one of the more underrated players considering that he is never included in any discussion for top 30, or so, greatest players of all time is Dwyane Wade.

Wade is an iconic player and is one of the greatest finishers we will ever see in the NBA. It’s a great jersey, not only because of his skill, but because of the look and the loyalty that he has had for that team. Soon after Wade’s retirement, you can mark it down that the #3 will be hung in the rafters at American Airlines Arena.


Again, like I’ve said before, different people will have their own preference. Some will need to have LeBron or Curry’s jersey. Maybe Wilt or Hakeem should be thrown in that conversation. Picking only 10 is tough enough.

Let us know @BBallSociety_ on Twitter what other jerseys you believe are must owns!


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