NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons (Part 2)


We’re back with another segment from our Basketball/Hip-Hop Comparisons series that features four more comparisons. If you missed Pt. 1 check it out below:

NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons (Part 1)


Travis Scott x Blake Griffin

If you’ve ever seen a Travis Scott performance, then you know it’s nothing less than a madhouse. The stage presence of this young rapper parallels that of his electrifying music. He never leaves fans disappointed and when I think of an NBA player that excites the crowd, Blake Griffin instantly comes to mind. Whether it’s a Slam Dunk Contest, a fast-break, or Lob City in pick and roll action, Blake Griffin is has made it his signature to provide crowd-pleasing dunks. His athleticism has given him the ability to put on a show night in and night out. If it’s an exciting performance that you want to see, then these are the two names that you need to check for.

And if you’ve never seen a Travis Scott performance, here’s a quick glance with a feature from Kanye. (Warning: Video Contains Profanity)


Jay Electronica x Paul George

Paul George and Jay Electronica both hold a unique status in their respective careers. In the 2013 and 2014 seasons, we saw Paul George breakout as the face of the Indiana Pacers. In those consecutive playoffs, we witnessed the stardom rise for George and many fans were looking forward to see what would come in the 2015 season. But with the unfortunate setback he faced in the Team USA scrimmage, we have yet to see just how good this guy can be. Jay Electronica is in a similar situation when it comes to his music career. He’s well known for his lyricism and ability to rap which is why fans are demanding more. I read an article from a huge Electronica fan who explained why he’s “quitting Jay Electronica.”

Who is the best emcee in the game today? Kendrick? Jay-Z? Maybe 3 Stacks? Kripsy Kreme? While all those (minus Krispy Kreme) are arguable, I think the answer might come from someone whose biggest problem is that they aren’t “in the game” enough; Jay Electronica. It might seem crazy because he has yet have an album drop and is quite erratic in his releases, but when he does release something, there is no denying his elite status.

Jay Elec has yet to release a full body of work and with the sporadic releases of a few singles here and there, it has left fans in desperation. Paul George and Jay Electronica embody the potential to be bigger than what they are — they each have the talent and the skill, it’s just about making it happen.


Kyrie Irving x Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is a name that you may or may not have heard of. A singer, rapper, actor, a jack of all trades. The versatile technique that he possesses which allows him to cruise through instrumentals is an enjoyment to listen to. You get that same feeling from watching the dynamic play of Kyrie Irving. The best ball handler in the NBA goes to the Cleveland point guard. Defenders have a tough time containing him and when he gets to get basket, he has the craftiness to finish in multiple ways. Irving is one of the best point guards we have in the league today and definitely one of the most entertaining.


Eminem x Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki and Eminem created their own path of success when they began their careers. Eminem is known as one of the best rappers ever and one of the first white rappers to really impact the culture. Dirk is arguably the best international player we’ve ever seen and he’s paved the way for the surge of foreign players that entered the league after him. These two guys have truly led a great legacy and will go down with their names mentioned amongst the best.

Here’s a montage of Dirk’s 2011 Finals MVP performance!


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