NBA Draft: Oregon’s Bol Bol Gets Eye Opening Critique from Fox Sports Analyst

Bol Bol

What’s the Latest on Oregon’s Bol Bol? Rashad Phillips checks in with Scoop B Radio. Press Play Below To Listen! 

Oregon’s Bol Bol will be in the 2019 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday.

Bol was measured in at 7’2″ 208lbs at the NBA Draft Combine. Bol has a 7’7″ wingspan, and his standing reach is a ridiculous 9’7.5″.

Per Cavs Nation: At the October 2017 USA Basketball Minicamp, Bol measured 226lbs, so his frame is capable of holding a bit more weight currently. His Sudanese bloodlines make for a wiry build, and the stress fracture in his foot that he suffered after just nine games in college calls into question his durability, which is the biggest concern surrounding Bol. For a player as tall and athletic as he is, foot injuries are a major worry.

Per Oregon Live:

Bol is long. He’s a great shooter for his size. He’s got good skills and a decent handle for a young big. He’s not at all strong. And defensively, he struggled with basic concepts, although the staff at UO will tell you they felt like they were going to break through.

People are fascinated by him. At 7-foot-2, why not? But the biggest question on the board for Bol is his motor. When he was engaged and focused, he was terrific. The rest of the time, he appeared not to care, as if the rest of us should just be honored we were getting to see him play.

So where will he fit in the NBA Draft? I checked in with Fox Sports analyst, Rashad Phillips.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Bol Bol is a freshman out of Oregon. A 7’2 Center I first met him, last year at a Roscoe chicken and waffles. I said: ‘Damn he is tall he doesn’t look 7’2 it’s because he is skinny.’ What do you like about him?

Rashad Phillips: Well, I think he has offensive ability and again you always have give the benefit of the doubt to kids that have fathers that played in the NBA because there is something in the bloodline that speaks basketball, something in that bloodline that speaks greatness. What I like about him is his ability to shoot at that size. But what concerns me is injuries. You can be too tall for basketball and I think Porzingis struggles with that the thing with being too tall, I think Bol Bol might be too tall. I didn’t say that about Tacko because Tacko play in the paint. Guys that’re 7’1 or 7’2 trying play on the perimeter and they’re attracted to being injured more. That’s the thing with Bol Bol, he’s a great offensive player but I just think that the injuries are a problem with me.


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