Fisch’s Friday Rant: NBA All-Star Saturday


Look, I know that the headline says “All-Star Saturday,” and yes, I’m talking about All-Star Saturday. However, I had to lead off with something fresh, something new, and I’m not talking about the Outkast song So Fresh, So Clean. It’s the blockbuster trade between the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Hornets!

Wait, what do you guys mean that it’s not a blockbuster trade?! Miles Plumlee for Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes is as blockbuster of a trade as it gets! Ok, jokes aside, I really don’t know what this trade was about. Maybe it was cleaning out some cap space, or maybe the Bucks just realized they never should have signed Plumlee to that contract. Either way, a new trade, meant rant time.

Then, another announcement that was made in the NBA world was the lineups for the All-Star Saturday Night festivities. We found out the contestants for the Skills Challenge, Three-Point Shootout, and the Dunk Contest. I, like many others, am sad that LaVine is not going to defend his dunk title. Although, we do get to enjoy the dunking skills of Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. Finally, we get to see some of the best guards and big men in the Skills Challenge, which should be just as fun as last season.

Check out the episode above and let us know who you have winning the All-Star festivities!


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