Morris Twins Being Investigated for Assault


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Marcus and Markieff Morris are both being investigated for allegedly committing felony aggravated assault on a man who was believed to have sent inappropriate text messages to the twins mother, the Arizona Republic reports.

The victim of the assault was a man who was a past mentor of the twins, who eventually had a falling out with them and their family at the end of their high school careers. According to the report, the man sent a text with words saying, “he’d always be there”. This stuck with the twins thinking that the victim had romantic involvement with the twins’ mother.

The alleged assault occurred at a sports complex where an amateur basketball game was being played. After being struck in the head, the victim said he was knocked to the ground while being later kicked and punched. The victim identified the twins along with a third individual being involved.

The Morris twins both deny assaulting the man and say they do not know the victim. Markieff Morris told police the only reason he was at the game was because he was a team sponsor, and that he had no involvement in the assault.

While no arrests or charges have been filed, The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office told reporters that investigators are still reviewing the case.


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