VIDEO: Michael Beasley Drops Record 59 Points in CBA All-Star Game


Michael Beasley’s NBA career has been more along the lines of bust rather than success. Beasley, to put it simply, played his way out of every single NBA situation he was blessed with. Burn your bridges in the NBA, you end up in China.

Beasley’s Shanghai Sharks (owned by NBA Great Yao Ming) sit at 15-17, so success hasn’t found Beasley thus far in his Far East layover. However, Beasley was the star amongst stars at the CBA All-Star Game as he led his team to victory while racking up 59 Points and 11 Rebounds, garnering ASG MVP honors as well.

There were some other prominent former NBA names on the floor, notably Stephon Marbury and Andray Blatche. 59 Points is 59 Points; NBA or Not. Will this performance lead to a possible return to the states for Beasley? Who knows… But for now it’s good to see him put all his talents to use, at least for one night. 


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