Markieff Morris Wants Out of Phoenix

Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

When the trade went down sending Markieff’s twin brother Marcus Morris to the Detroit Pistons, Markieff was not happy. The move was to free up cap space for LaMarcus Aldridge, and now he is in San Antonio. He seems to play a better brand of basketball with his brother on the floor. They have been teammates their whole life, and have lived together ever since joining the NBA.

The organization knew that the trade wouldn’t go over with Markieff, but thought that he would understand it was a basketball decision. Within the past year, several players have left the Suns with a bad taste in their mouth. Goran Dragic was traded at the end of last years trade deadline to the Miami Heat because he felt disrespected. Also, Isaiah Thomas, who was traded half of a year into his four year contract, mocked the organization after the high praise he received with the Celtics. Now, Markieff has that bad taste in his mouth.

This is not good news for the Suns. Markieff Morris is their second best player behind Eric Bledsoe. He has a reliable post game, an efficient mid-range jump shot, and a solid defender. The Suns need Markieff on their roster to compete in the West.

The only thing that can help the Suns keep Markieff around would be winning. The Suns have been a competitive team for a while, but in a stacked Western Conference, they have failed to make the playoffs since 2010. He has always had a slight attitude problem, so if the Suns don’t win, it will be nightmarish for the organization.

A trade could be on the horizon once the NBA season begins. If his feelings towards the Suns intensify, don’t expect Morris to be around for the regular season. Many teams would be interested in trading for the swingman. Markieff Morris is 25 years old and averaged 15.3 ppg  and 6.2 rpg last season for Phoenix.


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