Markell Johnson is a professional bucket getter

Markell Johnson
Photo Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

NC State has shown spurts of great play this season. For them to take the next step, they need their top scorer, Markell Johnson, to step it up. Unfortunately for Markell and the team, he hasn’t been able to put together a good showing from deep as before this game against Notre Dame, he was shooting a putrid 26% from behind the arc.

Today, he showed us why we consider him a professional bucket getter.

Markel Johnson had 27 points on the night against Notre Dame and hit 4/9 shots from deep. He added 7 assists and 4 rebounds to his total and came up BIG late in the game.

Here are some clips from him earlier in the game, particularly in the first half.

Markell Johnson headed to the locker room early before the 1st half ended with a supposed injury, but he did return for the 2nd half and started cooking again. One player that he reminds me of is Lou Williams once he starts to get it going. He has a similar stature to Lou Will as they are both 6’1 and around 175 lbs and were simply born to get buckets.

Late in this game, Markell proved that once again as he converted a TOUGH, clutch finish with less than a minute to go in the game and then hit a few free throws to ultimately put it out of reach for Notre Dame to come back.

The ACC isn’t as powerful as it has been in the past, so if Markell Johnson can continue to put on scoring exhibitions like this one, NC State will have a real chance to make some significant noise in this conference.


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