LeBron To Be Re-Evaluated On Wednesday

(AP Photo/David Goldman, File)
(AP Photo/David Goldman, File)
(AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

LeBron James has missed the last three games with the Cleveland Cavaliers due to knee and lower back issues. Now, Cavs General Manager David Griffin told reporters that LeBron will be re-evaluated on Wednesday.

This comes as both good news and sort of bad news. It’s good that he will be re-evaluated soon, but the fact he has to be re-evaluated a few days from now could be a little worrisome. The Cavs really need LeBron back on the floor, because an already struggling team without their best player could turn ugly quick.

The Cavs will be looking for someone to add to this team anyway. They desperately need a defensive player to go along with the big three. If this team can’t get to consistent higher level of play when LeBron returns, then they will be in big trouble.




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