LeBron James’ multi-team history might hurt his legacy, says former NY Knick, John Starks


NBA legend John Starks checks in with Scoop B Radio’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Press Play Below To Listen!

Over the last few years, many have compared Michael Jordan to LeBron James and used Jordan’s six championships as the measuring stick for James’ greatness in today’s NBA game. 

While a fan of both players and their legacies, former New York Knicks guard, John Starks says that James’ switching of teams will ultimately haunt him in the court of public opinion.

“Mike did all his championships on one team and guys wanted to play for him,” John Starks told me on Scoop B Radio. 

“Scottie and Horace, he kind of raised those guys. Later on when he got back, other guys like [Dennis] Rodman and [Ron] Harper joined the team.”

Starks knows a thing or two about those 90s Bulls teams. His Knicks and Bulls often dueled with MJ and the Chicago Bulls. He also dunked on Horace Grant and Michael Jordan in the NBA Playoffs.

“But he didn’t move around, didn’t want to move around,” Starks said of Michael Jordan.

“He wanted to play against the best. He felt like he didn’t need to go chase players or join this team to beat the best because he felt like he was the best, and I think that’s the difference. I think that’s probably going to hurt LeBron when you look at it in that perspective against Michael, Bird, and Magic, those guys stayed with one team. And they won with that team.”

The NBA’s free agency frenzy began today, with players like Paul George and Chris Paul agreeing in principle to stay with their teams. James opted out of his deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers and is now testing the market as an NBA free agent.

Teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers pegged as favorites to potentially land the three-time NBA champion.

Earlier this week, Starks told me that at 6’8, LeBron James’s skill set is a blend of former Utah Jazz Karl Malone and Starks’ former Knicks teammate Charles Oakley.  Starks’ high praise didn’t end there as he also stated that James’ pure guard skills do resemble Michael Jordan’s.

“I think it hurts him at times because he’s not aggressive as he needs to be,” Starks says of James.

“Michael was aggressive from the start and played aggressive throughout his whole career. LeBron, at times gets a little passive where you’re looking at him, like he needs to do more. You need to get in the post a little bit more. He’s more accepting to things going on, on the court at times than Michael was, and I think it hurts him because he does have personality like Magic [Johnson].”

Added Starks:

“Very unselfish, but at times in today’s game you have to be a little selfish.”


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