Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith doesn’t think this year’s Rockets compare to Houston’s 90s Championship Squads

Kenny “The Jet” Smith is well respected for the current role as a studio analyst on TNT’s award-winning show Inside The NBA. Smith was also a ten year NBA vet, notably with the Houston Rockets squad that won back to back NBA titles in 1994 and 1995. That squad was led by Finals MVP Hakeem Olajuwon. This year’s

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Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

Where do Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant rank in the best duos?

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and the Golden State Warriors have come out victorious over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 making them the 2017 NBA Champions. The play of these two have been remarkable during this playoffs and even more so in this series. So much so that during Game 3 of the NBA Finals,

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Scottie Pippen says 1996 Bulls Would Sweep Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are on the verge of something special this year. Something so special, that only one team has been able to match their historic season to this point. The 1996 Chicago Bulls went 72-10 and the Warriors are envisioning a 73-9 season, something no team has ever done. One ex-Bull has something

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Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Ron Harper, Toni Kuckoc

Ron Harper: “95-96 Bulls would sweep Warriors”

  The Golden State Warriors are off to a roaring 11-0 start this season, their average margin of victory is 16.3 points per contest and Stephen Curry is playing the game of basketball at an almost unsustainable level. With this great success comes inquiries, with the most common one currently being: “Can Steph Curry and

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Shaq Lakers

Shaq says All-Time Lakers team would beat All-Time Bulls team

Shaquille O’Neal started something when he took to Instagram and posted that an All-Time Lakers team which included, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Shaq himself would beat an All-Time Bulls team that contained, Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Horace Grant. Even though this is an hypothetical

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Throwback Thursday: 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls

April 16th, 1996 was a day that the Chicago Bulls players and fans will never forget. It is the day that the Bulls set a record for the most wins ever by a team in a regular season. 70 was an unthinkable number until this group came together and put together the most unforgettable season

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#TBT: Scottie Pippen's underrated poster dunk on Charles Smith (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Scottie Pippen is one of my favorite NBA players of all-time, but unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying his prime as I was born in 1994. However, I was able to educate myself on the brilliance of Pippen by utilizing my dad’s VHS tapes and full-length games on YouTube, and

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Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaq, and Kobe Bryant

What If Wednesday: Mike/Scottie vs. Kobe/Shaq in 2-on-2

What If Wednesday: Mike/Scottie vs. Kobe/Shaq in 2-on-2 You voted and #BestDuo1 Jordan and Pippen advance to our Best Duos Finals! They’ll face Kobe and Shaq. — NBA TV (@NBATV) February 4, 2015 If you’ve been keeping up with NBA TV’s Best Duo tournament, in which fans have been voting on Fan Night based

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NBA Generations Top-Five Roundtable (1)

At lunch tables, barbershops, and bar-stools around the world, there are always debates about the best basketball players to ever touch the hardwood.  Remember that saying, “back in my day” that your uncle uttered at family reunions? If so, then this is probably a discussion that you have had or heard multiple times. What makes

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Video: 2000 WCF Game 7 Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Lakers – Sheed & Pippen vs Kobe & Shaq

A Basketball Society Classic: Shaq, Kobe, Sheed, and Pippen battle to make the Finals A warm June night, game seven, Shaq and Kobe, a young Rasheed Wallace, and Scottie Pippen. What more could you want? These were two great teams giving the fans everything they wanted. The series went back and forth as the venues switched

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