LeBron James: Blatt Has Done ‘Hell of a Job’



LeBron James has officially cosigned David Blatt’s coaching job according to Marty Gitlin of CBS Sports, and the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

The Cleveland Cavaliers started the season with a record of 19-20 and they were looked at as the most disappointing team of the season. There were rumors swirling around David Blatt. A lot of reporters and fans believed he was going to be fired before the season was over.

Now, here we are in June and David Blatt still has his job in Cleveland. The Cavs are on their way to the Finals and LeBron is giving his approval of the coach.

“We know that a lot of people were going to say that … didn’t mean much, but that’s just what they have to do,” James said. “That’s what helps sales. … People love reading the negative things more than the positive things, so I think he’s handled his situation unbelievably. … Being a rookie coach in the NBA, being able to take his team to the Finals, I think he’s done a hell of a job.”

A top seed in the East, a date in the NBA Finals, and a LeBron James approval sounds like a great rookie coaching season. If the Cavs do go on to win the Finals, it will be pretty difficult to top this season, but it looks like David Blatt will have the chance to try in the future.


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