Lakers, Rockets, Pistons interested in Nuggets’ Ty Lawson


Veteran point guard Ty Lawson has been a pain in the ‘you know what‘ for the Denver Nuggets. He was recently arrested for a second DUI in six months and the Denver organization is not impressed. There was some consideration of cutting ties with Lawson but according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, a few teams around the league are interested, one being the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite a second DUI arrest in the last six months, embattled Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson is generating interest on the trade market, NBA sources told Houston, Detroit and the L.A. Lakers are among the teams that have expressed interest in Lawson recently, and there remains a strong possibility the Nuggets could unload Lawson before training camp.

It’s no doubt that Ty Lawson already wants out of Denver but he might have made it a little easier with this second DUI arrest. The Nuggets drafted a young guard in Emmanuel Mudiay, who people believe has a lot of potential. Once the pick was announced, Lawson already had it in his mind that he was gone. He took to twitter to post a video saying:

I’m going to Sacramento.

With Mudiay displaying impressive play in the NBA Summer League, many view him as a replacement.

Ty Lawson isn’t quite making his case easier. With this constant drinking and driving problem, he’s making the Nuggets’ decision of dropping him more compelling but he’s also portraying himself as a problem in the eyes of possible prospective teams.  Lawson can still play, ending last season 3rd on the assists column while averaging 15.2 points per game. The talent is still there but it’s more about if a team is willing to deal with the baggage that comes with it.


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