Jordan Clarkson & D’Angelo Russell to work out with Steve Nash this summer


After trying to comeback from injury after injury, Steve Nash finally hung up the laces last year, ending a phenomenal career as one of the best point guards the league has seen. Always known as a smart player, Nash had a crazy high IQ when it came to basketball and throughout his tenure in the NBA, he was the best at taking care of his body and conditioning.

What Steve Nash was best known for was the way he got guys involved in the game. Ranked 3rd on the All-Time Assist Leaders list, Nash saw everything before his opponents did and there wasn’t a teammate he couldn’t find. However, although he’s not contributing as a player anymore, he still wants to be a part of basketball and why not start with two young point guards, embarking on their careers. According to Bill Oram of the Orange Country Register, Lakers’ guards Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell are planning to work out with Steve Nash.

This is beneficial to all parties involved especially Clarkson and Russell. Russell has struggled with his patience in Summer League play. He has been a turnover machine, finding himself forcing the issue and trying to make plays that really aren’t there. It’s a common issue with young guards coming into the league but I’m sure it will get better with time and practice; plus learning a few pointers from a guy like Steve Nash will surely help.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen players choosing to workout with Steve Nash. Kevin Durant was seen working out with Nash in his previous ‘Off-season Documentary‘. He’s a guy that many players look to for guidance because he knows the game and has been one of the best in the League for many years. D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson can definitely learn a lot from him which could turn out to be a huge bonus for the Los Angeles Lakers in the long run.


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