Lakers interested in trading Jeremy Lin but trade market is "weak"


i-1The Lakers have not enjoyed their dose of Linsanity this season. 

Jeremy Lin has found life as a Los Angeles Laker to be difficult this season, and according to Sean Deveny of, things aren’t going to get any better with the trade deadline quickly approaching.

Deveny reports that the Lakers are interested in trading Lin, but the market for the sporadic point guard is “weak.”

He still would make a good backup point guard, and the Lakers would move him if they could get an asset in return, but the market for Lin has been weak.

At first glance Lin’s numbers aren’t terrible (10.4 points, 4.7 assists and 2.5 rebounds per game on 42% from the field and 36% from three,) but as a someone who has watched almost every Lakers game this year, I’ll be the first to tell you he’s been terribly inconsistent in his stint with Los Angeles.

First and foremost, Lin’s inability to make the most rudimentary reads sends me into a tizzy. You have no idea how many times I’ve howled out curse words watching Jeremy Lin lead a three-on-one fast break that yields nothing. As a point guard, not getting a layup or an open shot in a three-on-one opportunity is a violation of the Ten Basketball Commandments.

Pair that with Lin’s amateurish defensive ability and his $8.4 million price tag and it’s evident why teams are hesitant to deal for the former New York Knick.

But with his ability to get to the rim and attack the defense out of pick-and-roll, Lin will find a job with some NBA team this summer. Most squads just aren’t willing to forfeit valuable assets around the trade deadline for a pricy and erratic reserve guard. 



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