B2B4A8tCEAAUUVIIt’s been a miserable season for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers so far.


Lakers are 1 and 7.
They can’t win a game.
Some say it’s lack of talent.
Others say Kobe’s to blame.
Mamba keeps shooting
Almost every shot clanks
Every single night it’s a 20 point spank.
The days of us being title contenders seem long gone.
Basketball Gods where did we go wrong?
Los Angeles Lakers, laughing stock of the league.
Every Thursday on TNT you hear Barkley plead.
“Please no more Lakers, aw man they turrible! Watching these guys play is unbearable!”
Well that’s to be expected when you start Boozer and Lin.
The moment they signed I knew the future was grim.
I don’t know how much more of this losing I can endure.
I’m just anxious for the future & wonder what is in store.
But for now I’m forced to scream at Jordan Hill J’s.
I wonder when the Lakers will break out of this stage.
I just want my Lakers to play well and be praised.
And to set the Western Conference ablaze.
And make a return to the NBA’s biggest stage.
I know that day will come, but for right now.
I’ll continue to reminisce on the days of Kobe & Pau.
2014-15 Lakers what more can I say?
I’ll let Kobe take it away….

Stay strong Laker Nation!



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