LA Lakers: The Road Back to Greatness

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The LA Lakers have been in unfamiliar territory for a couple of seasons.

After a long history of winning, the LA Lakers have turned themselves into a rebuilding team. It’s probably a position that they didn’t know they would have to undergo. With Kobe’s injuries, the failed CP3 trade, and the failed Dwight Howard experiment, however, they were forced to do so.

It may have been brutal at first, but it seems like they are once again headed in the right direction. After three drafts of rebuilding, the Lakers have built themselves a nice young core of Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, and Brandon Ingram. The addition of solid role players such as Jordan Clarkson, Ivica Zubac, and Larry Nance Jr. makes it even sweeter. Things are looking up for the LA Lakers, but even more so with their #2 pick in the upcoming draft and the Paul George reports.

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Brandon Ingram is one of LA’s young core pieces, one that shows plenty of potential on both ends of the floor. Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Lakers were able to luck out and grab the no. 2 overall pick in a very deep draft.

This could mean the Lakers adding another solid young asset to add their young core. At the 2 spot, the Lakers, of course, have different options to choose from. They could go with the UCLA kid, Lonzo Ball, who is the “heavy favorite” for the Lakers. Josh Jackson of Kansas works as well, as he is extremely versatile on both ends of the floor. Another candidate for the 2nd pick is De’Aaron Fox, a PG with upside on both ends of the floor. 

The way it is looking, the Lakers should/would most likely select Lonzo Ball out of UCLA.

Not only does he fit off-court, but also on-court where he serves as a great fit next to Russell, Ingram, and Randle. Lonzo is a pass-first point guard, which helps Russell, Randle, and Ingram maximize their full potential on the offensive end of the floor. It also helps that Lonzo is a decent off-ball player, as it adds an extra level of versatility for a team like the Lakers. 

The option of trading the pick for an established player is also a possibility for the LA Lakers.

Specifically, Paul George. George has reportedly been “hell-bent” in playing for LA, linking him to the Lakers since the trade deadline. With numerous reports of George wanting to do so, it would make sense if Indiana tries to get some value instead of letting him walk for nothing. LA could wait, but so much could change from now to next FA, including PG’s decision. Trading for him could give LA the advantage once his current contract expires. It could also open up the channel for free agents to consider LA if George is a Laker.

Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
With Paul George reportedly determined to be a Laker, Lakers have the potential to add to an already promising team. Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

While it may seem like a smart move, it might be in the best interests of LA to just wait it out. If PG is determined to go to LA like reports say, then he shouldn’t mind waiting as well. For one, it assures that the Lakers have talent if PG does indeed sign with the Lakers. It would mean Russell, Ingram, possibly Ball still being on the Lakers if PG comes.

If they traded for PG, one maybe two of those guys would’ve been in another uniform, thus, having less talent once he comes on board. Why gut out a team for someone who can sign during the next FA period without any players being taken off the team? It’s a lateral move. Waiting for PG would do the team wonders instead of gutting the team out for instant gratification.

The state of the Lakers.

The LA Lakers wouldn’t normally be in this position. Props to them, however, for sticking to it, as they are now trending up. A young core with so much promise with the potential to sign Paul George would be amazing for the Lakers. They are getting close to becoming what they once were.

A potential Lonzo-D’Angelo-Ingram-Randle-Zubac lineup? Plus the possibility of Paul George? Showtime.

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