Society Top 50: No. 26 – DeMar DeRozan

Name: DeMar DeRozan Ranking: 26 Team: Toronto Raptors 2016-17 Regular Season Traditional Stats: 27.3 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 3.9 APG, 46.7 FG%, 26.6 3PT%, 84.2 FT% 2016-2017 Regular Season Advanced Stats: 24.0 PER, 55.2 TS%, 9.0 WS, 2.4 OBPM, -1.5 DBPM, 1.9 VORP The Breakdown They say that the mid-range jump shot is a lost art in the NBA. Those

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CJ McCollum

Society Top 50: No. 27 – CJ McCollum

Name: CJ McCollum Ranking: 27 Team: Portland Trail Blazers 2016-17 Regular Season Traditional Stats: 23.0 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 3.6 APG, 0.9 SPG, 48 FG%, 42.1 3PT%, 91.2 FT% 2016-17 Regular Season Advanced Stats: 19.9 PER, 58.5 TS%, 7.6 WS, 3.2 OBPM, -2.3 DBPM, 2.1 VORP The Breakdown If you like players that can go from 0

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Kyle Lowry

Society Top 50: No. 28 – Kyle Lowry

Name: Kyle Lowry Rank: 28 Team: Toronto Raptors 2016-17 Regular Season Traditional Stats: 22.4 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 7.0 APG, 1.5 SPG, 46.4 FG%, 41.2 3PT%, 81.9 FT% 2016-17 Regular Season Advanced Stats: 22.9 PER, 62.3 TS%, 10.1 WS, 7.1 OBPM, -0.5 DBPM, 4.9 VORP The Breakdown Kyle Lowry is probably one of the most underrated players in the league based

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Newsflash: The Kobe vs. LeBron Debate is a Toss-Up

Kobe vs. LeBron. Ever since the two were both in their prime, it was always a topic of debate between fans and even players. Who was the best in the league? There wasn’t anyone considered when it came to that question besides these two guys. For nearly a decade the most famous rivalry in basketball

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Is it possible that LeBron James will leave the Cavaliers again?

There has always been talk about LeBron James leaving. Whether it was when he first left Cleveland or even in Miami, speculation always clouded LeBron James’ future with his current team. When he finally delivered the Cavaliers’ first ever championship, many thought he’d play his career out in Cleveland. One season later, that has changed.

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Los Angeles Lakers Playoffs: Possible?

The Los Angeles Lakers playoff hopes have been nothing but a hope lately. Ever since Dwight Howard’s departure and Kobe Bryant’s last dominant season, the Lakers have yet to sniff the playoffs. Lottery trip after lottery trip has been the recurrent theme for the once elite Lakers, as they have just lacked the talent to

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LaMelo Ball

The Importance for LaMelo Ball going up against Zion Williamson

LaMelo Ball has been a household name in basketball for a while now. Other than being the brother of the extremely hyped, Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball has made a name for himself with many outstanding performances. Of course, no one can forget his 92 point game during the regular season, or his 38 points in a

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Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball for the Lakers?

Come draft time for the Lakers, they would be faced with a tough decision. Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball? The Lakers, holding the #2 pick in the draft are in a good position in this loaded draft class. Assuming Markelle Fultz goes #1, the Lakers have a deep pool of talent available. Some notable players include

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Via: Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group

Klay Thompson: Ice Cold but still a Difference Maker

Klay Thompson is a premier shooter in this league. That’s a no-brainer. The other half of the Splash Brothers once again finished second in the league in three-pointers made in the regular season. Klay Thompson’s scoring barrages have shown us how proficient he is from deep. We’ve seen him score 60 points in 29 minutes

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LA Lakers: The Road Back to Greatness

The LA Lakers have been in unfamiliar territory for a couple of seasons. After a long history of winning, the LA Lakers have turned themselves into a rebuilding team. It’s probably a position that they didn’t know they would have to undergo. With Kobe’s injuries, the failed CP3 trade, and the failed Dwight Howard experiment,

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