Kobe's Lakers Compared to MJ's Wizards

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

Kobe’s Lakers Compared to MJ’s Wizards

The Los Angeles Lakers are experiencing dire times. They’ve started this 2014-15 with an 0-5 record and the only high point thus far has been the return of 36-year-old superstar Kobe Bryant. Kobe is averaging over 27 points per game so far this season on 40 percent shooting and he doesn’t have much help to account for. The popular subject with Kobe’s Lakers right now is the high volume exertion that Bryant has had to display in order for them to compete.

This has opened up a comparison to the Washington Wizards of the early 2000’s, which featured the return of a 40-year-old Michael Jordan.

Kobe gave his reaction to the comparison, via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

The 36-year-old Bryant first laughed when asked if there were similarities.

“No. Not really,” Bryant said. “Well maybe. I guess…

“He wasn’t in Chicago, playing for the same organization for all those years. It’s a little different. I’m still younger than he was,” Bryant said. “I can see where you guys are thinking there’s similarities there. I also think it’s probably reachable content at this point. I get it. So, yeah, there’s similarities. Then there are differences. Just have at it.”

And Lakers head coach Byron Scott gave his take:

There’s some parallel to it. Kobe didn’t retire or come back. But he’s coming off an injury and coming off of retirement. Michael played with the Wizards. That wasn’t the Chicago Bulls, a team he wasn’t used to playing with. Kobe’s still with the Lakers, but playing with a group of guys that aren’t like the group he’s been accustomed to playing with. There are some parallels.

The parallels between Michael and Kobe seem endless. In this case we have to remember that Kobe has been in this position before, when his teammates included the likes of Smush Parker and Chris Mihm. But the parameters of this last phase of his career is what compares most to MJ’s final two-year stint with the Wizards.

What is to remain of Kobe Bryant’s last days is yet to be truly known.




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