Kobe Bryant Believes Golden State Should Win the NBA Finals

Kobe Bryant


There’s nothing like hearing a great basketball mind give criticism and go in depth on how the game should be played. With this NBA Finals arguably being one of the best ever, many players, coaches, and fans all around the world are tuned in. The Black Mamba himself, has been a student of the game and has given some insight on what he has seen so far in this series. In his interview with Sina Sports in China, he gave his opinions about Golden State and what they need to do, to beat this Cleveland team.

He talks about Cleveland looking like the hungrier team and how Golden State needs to step up to the challenge. 

Golden State should win.

But they can’t play tentatively. They can’t play scared. You’ve got play. You’ve got to step up and meet the challenge.

And right now, Cleveland and LeBron, it seems like they want it a lot more. It seems like the game, this championship means a lot more to them.

If you’re Golden State, you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you want to step up to this challenge

Kobe also talked about LeBron and if Cleveland is putting him in too many isolation sets on offense.

I don’t really think it matters. Because what you’re trying to do is, you’re trying to create mismatches. So if LeBron can catch the ball and face up, and command two to three guys, now you have spacing on the weak side. So it really doesn’t matter. If you have shooters and guys that can make shots that are comfortable catching and shooting without a lot of movement, then I think they can get away with it. They just have to keep the game close.

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

LeBron James has found constant success on offense, consistently taking whatever the defense gives and just picking it apart. He’s averaging a career high, 41 points a game in this series and through the first three games, he has 123 points which is a NBA Finals record.

Kobe hit the nail right on the head. The number of isolations are pretty irrelevant because at the end of the day the Warriors haven’t been able to stop it so why fix something that’s not broken. LeBron is single-handedly leading a short handed team in this series and it has been amazing to watch. Hopefully, we get to hear more quotables from Kobe Bryant down the road. I’m not sure if a “basketball analyst” position is in his future but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people, including myself, that wouldn’t mind listening to what he has to say about the game of basketball.


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