Kings reportedly willing to trade Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay
Rudy Gay
(Photo: Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

The Sacramento Kings are a half-game out of the playoffs, largely due to the play of DeMarcus Cousins and the league’s assist leader, Rajon Rondo. But when you look at the pillars of talent, specifically in terms of scoring talent, Rudy Gay is still a significant asset as the team’s second-leading scorer (18 PPG).

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that the Kings are willing to consider a trade for Gay:

Sacramento is said to be seeking a quality young player in return if it parts with Gay. Or a player they like with at least one year left on his contract after this season, which would give the Kings some insulation against trading for someone in February who turns around and leaves town in July. (Gay, 29, is scheduled to earn $13.3 million from the Kings next season before he’s forced to decide on a $14.3 million player option in 2017-18).

Gay isn’t exactly in his prime, but he’s still a true wing scoring threat. The Kings aren’t “shopping” Gay — they’re not looking to just dump him for anything. It’s a pretty difficult judgment call, as the Kings have a legitimate shot at the playoffs but not title contention. Whether they trade Gay or not, that will likely remain true (if Gay is traded their playoff hopes probably aren’t as realistic, depending on the return). 

There are a few teams — Clippers, Bulls, Heat — in respective contention that are in need of an upgrade of talent on the wing. The teams on that cusp should be interested in Gay’s services if they’re able to appease Sacramento’s desire for serviceable, cheap youth in return.


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