Kevin Durant worked Super Bowl 50 as a credentialed photographer



Kevin Durant, Super Bowl 50

The Oklahoma City Thunder battled the Golden State Warriors in a thrilling Super Bowl-eve matchup inside Oracle Arena over the weekend, and OKC star Kevin Durant decided to stick around in the Bay Area to catch a glimpse of North America’s biggest sporting event.

But instead of copping a squat in the stands to watch the Broncos and Panthers duke it out for football supremacy, Durant joined the horde of photographers present at the game as he was a credentialed shutterbug for the Players’ Tribune.

Durant also took to Instagram to speak on his experience snapping pictures at SB50.

Durant’s Players’ Tribune piece was very unique and is certainly worth a glance. You can see his experience talking to players on the teams and some of the shots he took. He was able to get some great shots due to his gangly frame, and it seems as if he truly enjoyed himself. This is an opportunity that he may not be afforded often, so he pounced on it when he could. This, even if  for a brief period of time, must’ve served as a nice reprieve from the NBA grind for Mr. Durant. 


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