Derek Fisher fired by the Knicks

Derek Fisher

Reports have been flying all around Twitter from ESPN and all sorts of major news accounts that Derek Fisher, head coach of the New York Knicks, has now been fired in just his second season. 

This was a bit of a surprise. The Knicks have been wavering from .500 to below .500 all season, and they are worlds better than last season. Currently, they stand at 23-31 which places them at third in the Atlantic and five games back of the eighth seed in the East. Derek Fisher’s overall record with the Knicks stood at 40-96 through two seasons. Sure, they aren’t first in their division and there may be some points in this season that they should have done better or should have grown a little better, but this roster isn’t built to be a legit contender yet. One of their key players is a rookie, and there are still a lot of questions about the bench. Maybe they thought the Triangle Offense wouldn’t work, or maybe they have someone else in mind. Management, however, apparently thought it was about time that they go a different way.

Kurt Rambis has now been named the interim coach per all of these reports and the hunt for a new coach will begin as soon as possible. There are some big names out there right now like Tom Thibodeau, Scott Brooks, and Jeff Van Gundy, plus a new name that has come up in Luke Walton. The interesting aspect to look forward to is whether Phil Jackson will hire a coach based on the roster they have right now, or based on the guys they want to chase in free agency this offseason.

For now, enjoy the internet’s reaction to the news:


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