Kamar Baldwin Scouting Report

Kamar Baldwin

School: Butler

Year: Junior

Height/Weight: 6’1, 195 lbs



Kamar Baldwin prides himself on his defense and rightfully so. He’s one of the best defensive guards in the nation without a doubt. We are hard-pressed to call Kamar Baldwin as good of a defender as Khyri Thomas from last year, but he’s in that discussion. He’s listed at 195 lbs, but plays like he’s 20 pounds heavier.

His ability to fight over screens quickly is one that will surely translate to the next level.

He’s got great footwork defensively and can keep up with even some of the quickest guards and as mentioned, his strength gives him a huge advantage on that end.

Offensively, he’s got a great pull-up game. The jump shot isn’t the prettiest because he lays it on his shoulder as he’s going up, but he loves to take that shot on either elbow and is very efficient at doing so. Baldwin is never someone who really settles for a shot. He’s constantly moving on offense and always works his way for the best shot possible.



One of Kamar Baldwin’s weaknesses is his three point shot. We’ve seen him air-ball way too many threes that are out at NBA range. Kamar definitely can become a serviceable three point shooter, but he’s going to need some work.

His main weakness, though, is his lack of athleticism. Kamar is not someone who plays above the rim whatsoever. Even on defense, we’ve seen him chase down players on a fast break and right when you think he’s going to make a block, he doesn’t nearly get close enough to the ball to do so. Along with that athleticism comes a lack of speed. It’s not that he isn’t quick because as we mentioned he does have some quick feet. But, he just doesn’t have that blow by speed most current NBA point guards have.


Future Outlook:

Kamar Baldwin will have a career in the NBA. We see him being drafted next year if he elects to come out, but that remains to be seen. Baldwin has the defensive capabilities that a lot of NBA teams will fall in love with. Where he is drafted will depend on how he looks offensively this season. If that three point shot looks more and more promising as the year moves on, Baldwin could easily be a late 1st round pick.


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