Markelle Fultz and Drew Hanlen seem to have parted ways

Markelle Fultz
Bill Streicher - USA Today Sports

It was an estimated 150,000 shots taken by Markelle Fultz while working with Drew Hanlen this summer. Fultz had been struggling with an injury to his shoulder, and as a result, a hitch and ‘yips’ to his jump shot, causing a shockwave around the NBA and the media surrounding. It was clear that Fultz needed help this summer in order to restore hope in himself and Sixers fans that the number one pick could return to the player he was coming out of Washington.

Fast forward to 15 games into the season, and it seems like nothing has gotten better for Fultz, in fact, things may have just gotten a lot worse.

News has surfaced that Markelle Fultz and Drew Hanlen have ended their relationship and have not spoken for the past three weeks.

Hanlen ended up sending out a tweet somewhat subtweeting the news about he and Fultz which was…interesting.

Who really knows what exactly is going on between these two, but it aligns with the fact that Fultz has not taken a three in the past seven games, and now has an even bigger problem with a hitch still involved in his jump shot.

If this news about the Hanlen and Fultz break up is true, that is a bad sign for the Sixers organization as they really put a lot of trust into this guy to help get Markelle back to the way he once was. There is no doubt that Sixers fan have already given up or are starting to give up hope in the young kid because of the problems that he likely may not be able to overcome. For a guy that was drafted to be the shooter alongside Ben Simmons, it is getting harder and harder to believe that it will happen.

Now with the addition of Jimmy Butler, it could mean less opportunity for Fultz to shine in the Sixers starting lineup. The Sixers were virtually not going to really be able to go anywhere with a lineup that consisted of Fultz and Simmons, both guards who can’t shoot. Fultz would most likely be suited best in the second unit where he can have full control over the ball. He may not ever live up to his number one pick status, and it could go down as one of the biggest fleeces in NBA history with the Celtics trading picks with the Sixers before the 2017 NBA draft.

One thing is for sure, the Sixers have an issue on their hands and they have to figure out what the best way to deal with it is favoring the team’s overall success first before Markelle’s psyche.


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