John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins: "Our Kentucky team was better than this year's"


ncb_u_cousins-wall01_576John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins think their Kentucky team could take this year’s squad.

The 34-0 Kentucky Wildcats are overwhelming favorites to win the 2015 NCAA Tournament, and they need only six more wins to clinch the National Championship and accomplish a perfect 40-0 season, something that hasn’t occurred since the Isiah Thomas led Indiana Hoosiers went 32-0 en-route to capturing the title in 1976. 

Despite all the gushing that has been done over these year’s Wildcats, former Kentucky attendees and current NBA-ers John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins believe that their UK team was better than this year’s squad despite the prospect of them running the table and winning it all.

Any prejudice toward the current goes Cats goes out the window when Wall is asked whether the 2015 team would therefore be considered the greatest Kentucky team of all-time.

“Well, they got the better record, but I wouldn’t say that,” the Washington Wizards guard told The Wall-Cousins squad entered the 2010 tournament a No. 1 seed, but lost in the regional final to West Virginia. That aspect looms large in any trash talk scenario.

“We were a better team, but we didn’t win,” Wall continued. “They’re going to have the leverage because they went 40-0 and got a national championship to back it up.”

“I mean, yeah. [John is] right. They would be considered the best, but we all know the truth,” Cousins said. “Hopefully these guys do pull this off.

In addition to themselves, the 2009-10 Kentucky Wildcats spawned NBA talent such as Patrick Patterson, Eric Bledsoe, Daniel Orton, DeAndre Liggins, Josh Harrellson and Darius Miller. That team went 35-3 before losing to the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Elite Eight. projects that four current Wildcats will go in the first round of the 2015 Draft, and some speculate that Kentucky big man Karl-Anthony Towns could go number one.

Over the years, we’ve seen the biggest of giants slayed prematurely due to the unpredictable nature of the NCAA Tournament. Despite the strong crop of talent on this UK team, there is still an immense amount of pressure for them to go out and perform. 

Some people question the level of competition they’ve faced so far this season, but a dominant run through the Tourney would hush the naysayers in an instant. Certainly the whole world will be watching to see if the Wildcats can emerge from March Madness unscathed, and if they manage to do so they will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest teams of all-time. 

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