James Harden Portrait Made of Hair and Flowers?

All Credit and Rights go to Filip Peraic

The art world has always graced everyone with some amazing pieces of work, and there are a lot of celebrities and NBA players. An Etch a Sketch artist drew LeBron James, a tattoo artist used his needle to create a Kobe Bryant masterpiece, and now James Harden gets his illustrations in a number of ways. 

Designer Filip Peraić has illustrated James Harden in 19 very different ways. His fourteenth portrait might be the most perfect way to picture the bearded superstar. Harden, known for the hair on his face, was portrayed with…well…hair!

It doesn’t stop there, Peraić also illustrated Harden using only flowers:

Also, for all of you emoji lovers out there, Periać even made a James Harden emoji:

These art pieces are amazing to say the least. If you want to purchase these prints or check out all of the other ones that Peraić created check out his website James Harden Illustrated.

H/T: Rockets Reddit


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