Ayo Dosunmu Scouting Report

Ayo Dosunmu

School: Illinois

Year: Freshman

Height/Weight: 6’5, 185 lbs



Ayo Dosunmu is one of the best athletes in this 2019 draft class. He’s lightning quick, and nearly impossible to catch in the open floor when he gets a head of steam. Dosunmu’s athleticism is best displayed in transition and on defense, where he suffocates smaller guards with with his length, impressive footwork, and elite lateral quickness.

Dosunmu has a smooth shooting stroke, and a very quick release that will translate well to the next level. He already has NBA range, and can hit threes both off the dribble and spotting up.

He doesn’t shoot mid-range shots often, but has shown he can make them when he does decide to pull-up off the dribble. He has an explosive first step when driving the lane, and he uses his incredible leaping ability to finish strong over bigger defenders at the rim.

Another thing to love about Ayo’s game is his effort. He has such a high motor, and never takes a play off on either end of the floor. He often frustrates opposing players with his non-stop energy on defense, chasing them all over the court and fighting hard through screens to stick with them wherever they go. His awareness on defense is strong as well, as he does a great job of identifying when a teammate needs help and sliding in time to make a play.



Dosunmu really needs to improve his decision making to be an effective point guard at the next level. He makes poor decisions with the basketball way too often, turning the ball over with bad passes or by driving into a swarm of defenders and getting stuck in the lane. His handle also needs work, and he doesn’t deal with on-ball pressure very well. He’ll either defers to others or put his head down when a good defender plays him tight.

When he is able to shake his defender on his first step, he often tries to force the issue and attack the rim when there are help defenders there waiting for him. Ayo needs to work on identifying when he should pull up for a jump shot rather than drive all the way to the rim to force a contested layup and/or risk a charge.

Ayo has a slender frame and really needs to put on weight. He’s still young so there is plenty of time for him to make that happen, but the sooner the better. If he can put on 10-15 pounds of muscle between the season’s end and before the combine, that’ll go a long way in showing teams he can fill out his frame and mature physically.


Future Outlook:

Dosunmu is one of the most intriguing college prospects this year. His physical gifts and high upside are undeniable, but he’s still raw and needs to mature a great deal to be a productive NBA point guard. As of now, if he declares after this season he would likely be a late first-early second round selection. If he decides to stay another year, he could work on improving his all-around skill, show that he can be a better decision maker, and improve his stock enough to become a lottery pick in 2020.

However, players returning for another year of school always run the risk of getting a serious injury, or just not improving enough, both of which hurt draft stocks and cost players money. Dosunmu will have a tough decision to make before the draft declaration deadline this spring.


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